Monday, February 20, 2017

We're Coming Out of Hibernation! Updates and Content to Follow.

As if a multi-year hiatus can be explained away by a lazy promissory  post...

Aww, hell.  Basically, inspiration has struck hard, along with the 200+ tactical knives I've added to my collection in the past few years.

In the coming months, and into 2018, you'll see reviews, editorials, more reviews, guest columns and lots of "reel purdy" pictures of some badass knives, tools and other tactical gear.  Aaron hasn't used Blogger in a grip, so he's working out the kinks, knocking off rust and will be deconstructing the shitty old look of this page.

Knives and Gear you may read about soon:

Lionsteel's outstanding KUR folder.  A gift from a close and trusted SB&T benefactor.

Some limited edition ZT knives, including some black-clad beauties and eye-popping orange G10!

Yu-Kun and Aaron invested in some Simple Shot slingshots over summer 2016.  Simple Shot makes and sells some EXTRA FUCKING badass slings.  More info and some sizzling hot low-res photos! (Keep it in your pants pervert!)

Redundant, but much-needed re-reviews of some VERY high quality DpX Gear knives, manufactured by Lionsteel, (one of) Italy's finest!

(details to follow)

(details to follow)

Top 10 Lists.....mmm, ok, maybe not.  Top Ten lists are generally quickly-written opinion puff pieces reserved for when writer-in-chief has nothing important to say.  So, fuck that.  We'll be avoiding Top 10 lists.

Aaron is still sorta lazy and frequently uninspired, but we thank you for playing along and checking in with us periodically.

Keep it sharp, and check back here for real content, and some hastily prepared, profanity laden, knife themed fun!

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