Sunday, April 19, 2009

updates inevitable for those who care

Ok, it's only really been a month or two since I had anything to write here. I just got so used to updating and writing so frequently that it feels like I've been neglecting this project for months, not mere weeks.

I've been doing some stuff for the company I work for (online) which has cut into my usual need to blog like mad on here and elsewhere. I've also turned much of the money I would spend on knives and gear toward guitar-stuff purchases again lately. But I do have several new-ish knives to write up. I've been making my usual form of sloppily recorded music-noise, among other things. The sick fire that burns within me when it comes to knives, guns, tools and related things continues to burn, I'm just busier, and more broke than usual. To those that read regularly, have read, or will read....thanks, Eric and I will not let this blog die easily.

We'll be back shortly.