Monday, August 12, 2013

We're not dead...just been hibernating & dealing with "LIFE".

It's been a damn long time since we put anything up.  Most of us, the handful of people that are SB&T, have gone through some big life events & major changes, some good & some bad, over the past couple years.

SB&T is very much alive in spirit and intent.  If there's anybody out there still checking in once in'll be reading new posts & watching new videos from new contributors by this fall.  I recently invited some talented writers to join me here.  A retired military & Federal law enforcement professional who relies on knives & guns in the Pacific NW back-country & uses his knives hard, & a woman who is a talented journalist & mother who has a wealth of knowledge about sustainable living off the so-called grid, & rugged outdoor lifestyle.  I'll introduce these folks & we'll be pumping out new content soon.  Mr. Israel & myself will also be sharing more reviews & pics of our recent bladed acquisitions & new toys.  If you're out there & still reading, thank you.  Your support is treasured.

Stay safe, & carry quality blades...