Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW REVIEWS COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tops Back Bite review en route, More Details about the Sniper Bladeworks LPC folder I had a chance to borrow, and Benchmade madness, in the form of 1 pretty new, and 2 really new folders, and maybe a 4th (wait & see).  Also evaluating a great fixed blade by MA knifemaker Mike Newbrey, which rules!!!  Plus the Esee Izula II which also kicks ass.  Thanks for your patience, I'm up to my neck in new knives, and fairly broke now, but my knife-reviewing spirit will never die.  New content is coming soon, and anybody who is reading this, you are awesome, and I appreciate your readership of this blog.
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Look At Becnhmade's 15000-1 'Bone Collector' Fixed-Blade Skinner, D2 Bladesteel

Pardon my mis-wording regarding the handle, I keep referring to it as "green & black micarta", I know it's G10. I've been writing some stuff about 2 different knives with micarta handles today, and the word was stuck in my head, just a slip of the tongue...I'm well aware the difference between G10 & Micarta.

Just a peek at the Benchmade B.C. skinner, which I found this past summer.  Full written review to come on the new walnut-handled D2 Bone Collector folder (the larger size).  I haven't really found a whole lot of use for this fixed blade yet, but I anticipate Spring & Summer will see it used, and that I'll also get quite a bit of EDC use from the walnut-handled folder, which is totally killer, I love it, more to come.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My Talk-Intensive, (and quite rough) Tops SpecOps Pen video review

I was killing some time one evening recently, and created this for the SB&T Facebook page, where it has been seen.  Some of you may have missed it....It should be noted that despite my words in this video, I do NOT think the ink cartridge can be replaced, between tinkering with the pen, and re-reading Tops' description of the item, it's my new conclusion that the cartridge in the $20.00 USD plastic version, is not likely replaceable.  I like this bad-boy enough though, that I ordered one in Tan as well.  Tops is a great company.  MORE VIDS & REVIEWS TO COME!!! I PROMISE!!