Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Benchmade Rift by Osborne

Benchmade's Osborne Rift is an incredible tool, this burly knife has a beautiful gray and black handle heavily milled and textured G10, this handle has amazing grip and is sure to never come loose from your hand while executing any task. The reverse razor sharp tanto blade of 154cm high carbon stainless, is coated with Benchmade's BK1 for extra protection against corrosion to the blade and it also helps the material you are cutting to glide past the blade with ease. The Benchmade Osborne rift is equipped with an awesome Axis lock, making the Rift a great ambidextrous choice. With the G 10 color design and the BK1 coating this knife is super stealth,

I have tested this in various light combinations and there is not one thing that glints or shines on this tool, even the slit arrow clip is black coated and has no shine. The position of the clip in relation to the butt makes the knife ride low in the pocket

As far as knives go for me, the Rift is on the larger side, despite the size of the knife, it is super light and feels almost nonexistent riding in the pocket.

The action on the knife opening and closing both using gravity and a hand open is extremely smooth

I don’t use it as a daily carry but as a work knife. Keep in mind I consider myself somewhat of a knife collector so even though I do use my knives I still baby them. I have used the Rift to slice through basic material like newspaper straps that it snaps with ease.

All in all, Benchmade once again has made an amazing knife not just in looks but also in functionality. If you are looking for a rugged and beautiful knife the Benchmade Rift is a sure fit.


1Fed said...

Well done! Concise and to the point, I agree, the Rift is up there on my long list of knives I'll be buying soon! I added a 'stock' photo, just to round things out. Thanks J!

Anonymous said...

I just picked this knife up a week ago and it is both beautiful and incredibly functional. Definitely not an every day carry knife, as mentioned above (flick this thing open in front of an unsuspecting person and you'll scare the ever living cr@p out of them!), but nice to have in the collection.