Sunday, August 24, 2008

Worth 1,000 words, Ross Lake, North Cascades, WA

I took this on August 16, 2008 with a cheap Canon powershot A550 around mid-day. Beautiful. I am at peace up there. On the boat across Diablo we spotted a mother Bear swimming ashore with a cub clinging to her back and another baby in tow. Amazing. I threw back my first legal fish, a long and trim 14 inch rainbow trout. I wished him well as I removed the hook from his mouth and watched him swin under, to live until he was attracted to another fancy lure. I caught my 13.5 inch keeper with a hand-made hybrid lure that took about 5 minutes to assemble. I had a really nice Jim Carpenter "pink lady", as uncle Bill called it. I got a bump on my line, I had a fish and the lure unraveled and the pink and chrome beads spilled onto the floor of the boat. I used pieces of a Mack's wedding ring and created a pink and neon green abomination that looked more or less like a dressed up version of this Mack's Kokanee lure
Next spring I'm going to start hand-making trout lures to have something unique to try on our annual trip. Ross is an amazing place, I'd like my ashes sprinkled there if I go out early, or if I live to be 100.

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