Monday, November 10, 2008

Blade-Tech foreign-made dynamic-duo

Tim Wegner's Blade-Tech is a leader in kydex sheath technology both for guns and knives. Wegner's knife designs are well-recieved by hunters, outdoorspeople and military and law enforcement folks as well. I recently picked up a Blade-Tech Mouse Lite, the little green guy, and the Ganyana Lite, the slightly larger orange-handled knife. Both knives, including WA State sales tax set me back less than $45.00 USD. My membership card at my local warehouse outdoor store helped, but even at full retail, each of these great little Taiwan made knives are a bargain. They both feature FRN [zytel] handle scales textured with a grip much like that of Blade-Tech's G-10 handled knives. The mouse is a lockback design, while the orange Ganyana is a sturdy liner-lock design.

Both knives have a THICK blade spine of about an eighth of an inch, with notches, or 'jimping' for better blade control. I'll do a more in-depth T&E on these knives as I use them. Both would be great choices for everyday carry knives, they are feather light, capable and pretty non-intimidating for use in and around the general public. The Mouse even comes in purple, for the ladies...or for Prince, or whatever he calls himself these days.

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