Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ordered a Cold Steel Kudu

Those who know me well, know I'm a fan of high quality factory/production knives in particular, and nearly *any* knife in general. I've also grown to be quite a big fan of many products by Cold Steel. When I'm doing outdoorsy shit, their polypropelene African Walking Stick rarely leaves my side.

I was doing some Xmas shopping online for some family members and decided against the Cold Steel Pocket Bushman, at least for now. The PBM is an impressive and large folder at the shockingly ridiculous low price of $23.95 and suggested retail is just slightly more. Those will be around though, for sure, and I'll get one sooner than later.

My curiosity regarding Cold Steel's recent use of German Krupp 4116 stainless steel in some inexpensive knife blades has been satisfied by my purchase this past summer of their Roach Belly and Finn Bear fixed blades which are written about somewhere below. I currently live on the edge of a rocky, saltwater beach in the Puget Sound area. I sweat profusely in general, and living basically on salt water is hard on carbon steel blades and especially any bead blasted high carbon stainlesses. As an experiment, I left my CS Finn Bear, in its cordura sheath clipped to the canopy on Pop's boat, for about a month. Ok, granted the blade was secured and not in standing water, but the knife was constantly exposed to rain, salt air and the elements. I retrieved the knife before the boat was brought out and winterized. I'm pleased to report that in addition to slightly better than average edge retention and ease of sharpening, the Finn Bear's Krupps 4116 stainless steel is as close to "stain-free" as i have ever seen.

Long story shotened, Cold Steel's South African inspired Kudu ringlock folders sport a pretty massive 4.25 inch flat ground [I'm a fan of flat grinds] blade made from the same stuff, and on, the Kudu is only $8.95. I went for it. I need yet another knife about as much as I need a sexually transmitted disease, or heartworms or something, but I just can't stay away from spending money on sharp things.

I'll fill in the blanks when this kinda ugly, but large and capable bargain knife arrives. I can guess it'll be strong, and 2.4 oz. sounds really light weight for such a long folding knife. It should be noted it's not a one-hand opener, which is one of the reasons I'd like to add it to my's something considerably different. And yes, I know there are sites which sell them even cheaper, but their shipping rates balance out those "better" prices, and there are no sites I trust more than knifecenter, as I've been ordering from them for years. And I'd already ordered some other items as gifts, so I pretty much will be getting the Kudu shipped free.

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