Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winterizing Sharp, Bright and Tactical, and coming soon...

I probably should have consulted with my partner-in-crime, Eric, before making any changes to our format. I think he'll understand that the overwhelming green on this blog was getting a bit tired. I suppose we could always change it back. The original template was "Son of Moto", it's been changed to "Mr. Moto", and the basics are all the same. The green that envigorated me during our summer launch has given way to a wintery mellow and overcast gray and blue theme. I think it's still easy to read, and the basic layout hasn't changed at all. Let us know if you have an opinion on the color scheme.

I have some things in the works for December. I obtained 5.11 Tactical's P.U.S.H. shoulder bag, and I'm in the process of evaluating its overall usefulness, a full writeup is on its way. I've also been very impressed by some recent Tactical Tailor products, that I purchased at their on-site retail store in Lakewood, Washington, just a stone's throw from where I'm living. I've been evaluating Tactical Tailor's zippered utility pouch, and found it quite handy for storing, seperating and transporting small personal items while I'm working. A review is in the oven, and I've also been using Tactical Tailor's awesome and versatile multi-tool pouch, so I'll include my impressions of in the utility pouch review.

I've been following the knife designs of Chad Los Banos for awhile, and I got ahold of his collaboration with Böker, the Böker Plus Direkt. Chad has an eye for clean lines and seems to have a knack for making knives that look 10 years ahead of their time. I'll do a piece evaluating the Böker/Los Banos Direkt folder after I've had some more time with it, and after Eric gets his hands on it. So far, I know that the Direkt is extremely lightweight, black, quick and mean...right up my alley in terms of folding knives!

I also bought Spyderco's BaliYo pen. It's a writing instrument that flips and folds like a butterfly knife. I chose the only subdued color available, gray, as opposed to the other candy-coated, kid-friendly color combos like pink/orange, or green with a turqoise blue. As opposed to Benchmade's superb pens, the BaliYo is not designed to be used as a self-defense tool. In fact, somewhere on the BaliYo site, it's referred to as a "toy". It's being marketed like some kind of motion toy for the ADHD-afflicted, or to kids, or both I guess. Either way, it looks like it could be fun balisong practice without any nasty cuts, plus it's got a Fisher Space Pen cartridge inside, so I'm confident it'll write like a beast. I'll keep you posted.

No doubt this winter will see some new firearms action from our resident sharpshooter, Eric. I look forward to a couple of Sundays off in December to tag along to the gun club with him and throw some lead downrange with my 10/22, after I get off my lazy ass and install the like-new Bushnell scope that Eric generously traded me for a blade.

Much more to come....
Stay sharp.

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