Wednesday, December 17, 2008

RAT Cutlery Izula knife and survival kit

Anyone who has read Tactical Knives Magazine will recognize Jeff Randall's name. Randall is a jungle survival expert and regular contributor to TK Magazine. He is also the founder of Randall's Adventure Training, a well known South American jungle survival school.

Several years ago, RAT teamed up with Ontario Knives for a series of high quality bladeware collaborations. The partnership between Ontario and RAT ended in 2007, and Randall and RAT set out on their own to make their own line of knives. I've read several very good reviews for both the earlier Ontario RAT knives and also for the newer RAT knives. Randall is somewhat of a hard use knife expert and i always find his articles quite entertaining. It should be noted though, there is no connection between RAT Cutlery/Randall's Adventure Training and the classic Randall Knives, often referred to as "Randall Made Knives". This is simply coincidence.

I was searching new products at when I came across the RAT Izula knife and survival kit "coming soon". Pretty cool little package. RAT Cutlery's site lists the knife and sheath only as retailing for $81.08 USD and the knife and kit selling for $104.80. will be selling the full kit for well under RAT's MSRP of just the knife alone! Click HERE to order the full kit and knife with sheath for about $63.00 USD!

I have a ton of small fixed blades but this one is appealing to me for some reason...hey, it even comes in an anodized pink color for the ladies, or dudes who are bold enough to carry a pink knife. It comes in black, pink, OD, or desert tan. Here's the kit according to RAT's site:
"Complete Izula kit includes: Ambidextrous Sheath, MOLLE lock, Paracord (for cord wrapping handle or use as a lanyard), cord lock, Snap (for snapping system on to outdoor gear), Split Ring, Fire Flint, Whistle, and Instruction Sheet."

The following is a quote from RAT's site regarding the name:
'Where did the name IZULA come from?
"The locals in Peru call the meanest, nastiest ant of the jungle by the name "Isula" (photo below on Pink Izula knife). We know it as the Bullet Ant. The Bullet Ant is known to be independent, tough, light on its feet, and a real aggressive survivor - the IZULA knife is built the same way. This knife is designed to be the perfect lightweight survival kit or concealed carry knife."

It should be noted that these guys offer a 'No Questions ASKED' Warranty. I think that for such an outstanding warranty, the prices of these knives are more than fair.
"No Questions Asked Warranty. If you screw it up, break it, or cut it in two with a cutting torch, send it back and we'll replace it. Warranty is transferable. In other words, we warranty the knife no matter how many times it's been traded, sold or given away. We don't ask for a sales receipt, date of purchase or where you bought the knife - No fine print and no hassles. If you have a problem, contact us.

We do not warranty against rust or normal wear and tear. Note: Our knives are made from high carbon 1095 steel. And while 1095 is a top choice for professional cutlery designed for hard use, it will rust and stain if not properly cared for - especially on the cutting edge and around the laser engraving. It is the user's responsibility to keep the blades properly lubricated and cleaned. We suggest using a dry film rust inhibitor such as TUF-GLIDE or TUF-CLOTH.

A lot of folks have asked us how we can stay in business offering such great customer service and warranty protection. The answer is simple; we believe that American consumers, as a whole, are honest people. The occasional customers who are dishonest are few and far between, so even if we lose every once in a while due to dishonesty, our reputation of great customer service, regardless of the situation, brings us more good customers. "

Check out the Izula neck knife and others, at RAT Cutlery
I think I may have to get an Izula, or the RC3 in orange when my raise kicks in later this month!

RAT Knives are also available at KNIFECENTER

UPDATE: December 23, 2008
I ordered the RAT Cutlery Izula in desert tan, by itself. A review will be here ASAP, looks like I should get the knife next week. At, the black or tan Izulas, without the "survival kit" are under $50.00 USD. Good stuff. It is made from a carbon steel, so I'll have to protect the cutting edge with Sentry Solutions Tuf-Cloth to ward off corrosion if it's to be worn as a neck knife. Also coming soon is a review of the Leatherman Crater C33x folding knife, and the Fenix EO1 waterproof mini LED flashlight. Have a good holiday, and happy new year. More to come from SBT, ASAP.


Aaron said...

It should be noted that this morning I ordered the Izula in desert tan, by itself. The full "kit" was nearly $20 more, and I really don't need a ton of carry options, I plan on treating it with Tuf-Cloth and wearing it around my neck, or simply keeping it in my EDC bag. Full review coming soon.

southriver said...

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Anonymous said...

I do think the Izula Knife is a great little knife especially for the price. I have compiled a bunch of different video reviews that I think will be helpful if you are considering purchasing an Izula Knife. The video reviews can be found at:

Aaron said...

for sure! This review is from Christmas 2008, since then I've purchased 2 Izulas, and I pre ordered Essee's HEST folder, made for them by Lion Steel. Good stuff, thanks for reading!

Aaron said...

I gotta say, the (now ESEE Knives) Izula is one of my favorite knives of ALL TIME. I just got my 3rd Izula in the mail the other day, and it occurred to me that I never did do a full review of the Izula, it's sort of a moot point now, as the Izula II's are out, and a folding Izula should be coming out in 2011. Oh well...maybe I will do a photo-review later on on the Izula doing what it does best, and now all I need is the pink and special edition orange one to fill out my collection!