Saturday, January 10, 2009

Benchmade Unveils 2009 new models and catalog

New benchmade eye candy is available for download HERE!
An assisted budget version of the Presidio, dubbed Presidio Ultra, with Noryl GTX handles and 440 blades, still US made is coming. There is a commemorative knife in the style of the late, great Bob Lum, and Steigerwalt's Torrent knife looks awesome, as does the Barrage and mini Barrage Axis. On page 25 of the Professional catalog, the Marc Lee Glory fixed blade is announced with a great pic. Lee was the 1st Navy Seal to be killed in the current Iraq war. The knife has uniquely machined desert tan handle slabs in the vein of DJ Urbanovsky's American Kami knives. Just because I share the last name of the late Navy Seal, and I love fixed blades, I may have to get it when it becomes available for sale. There also appear to be some interesting and high quality Red Class foreign-made knives like the Aphid on the way to Benchmade fans. There also are at least 4 new variations of the superb [writing] Pen series, all American made. There will be no shortage of Benchmade items on my 2009 birthday and Christmas lists! When I recieve the printed catalog I will scan it, and get some better pix up here asap. Spyderco's 2009 catalog is less impressive, at least for me, as I tend to be pretty hardcore when it comes to carrying Benchmade knives. Though Spyderco's Jens Anso Rock lobster looks cool, as does the kevin Wilkins designed LeafStorm and their new Jumpmaster fixed blade.

I'm planning to save for a solo trip to Europe in 2010, but all these damn companies are making it very hard to keep my modest dollars in the bank!

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