Sunday, January 18, 2009

CRKT adds new 2009 models to their site

These pix are taken straight off of CRKT's website. I didn't think they'd mind, as it's totally free advertising for them. Rod Bremer is the king of inexpensive, yet still high quality knife designs produced in conjunction with some of the world's finest custom knifemakers like Pat and Wes Crawford and Allen Elishewitz.

I have been excited to see what knife companies have in store for 2009 since summer 2008! Benchmade has some very cool stuff coming out, and Surefire has some cool knives and lights on the way. Spyderco and Cold Steel's 2009 offerings so far look a little disappointing, for me at least. I was excited to read somebody's post on edcforums that CRKT had added their new catalog items to their SITE

CRKT didn't do anything in 2008 that really impressed me, except for the sheer volume of nearly 100 new models that were released at the 2008 SHOT show. Now that the 2009 SHOT show has happened this past week, we're sure to start seeing new and exciting stuff from nearly every factory and mid-tech knife studio.

I really like the look of most Allen Elishwitz knives. My first was the original Benchmade Stryker. To this day, my overall favorite fixed blade is my original-incarnation Elishewitz Nimravus, I believe it was one of benchmade's first fixed-blade offerings. Needless to say, the CRKT/Elishwitz FTWS will be on my list of knives to buy in 2009.


discomfort said...

I'm not a big fan of CRKT. My first knife was the CRKT Blitz and I think that knife may have put a bad taste in my mouth because it was a cheap knife and fell apart on me. I love the look of the of the new line. I really like the Tuition, Summa, the Ignitor series and the Natural series. There are many knives i would like before CRKT but I can see me adding some of these to my collection. Great review Aaron

aeric_7734 said...

God damn I dig that plain edge two-tone Ignitor, hot hot hot.