Saturday, February 7, 2009

Benchmade Rift 2009 Edition

Here's the original handle scale color pattern for the Rift since its debut:

Just a quickie here...I've talked to a few people who like the Benchmade Osborne Rift in concept, but who thought the combo stripe black and gray G10 was a little too much. I personally like it, as every Rift produced with the combo color G10 is a little different. But some people have complained it almost looks too stylized. Well, Benchmade must have heard this too, as for 2009, all Rift blade/coating variations are available in a more traditional plain black G10 handle.

The combo edge Rift, BK1 coated, has been my primary edc knife since August 2008, I mean, I carry plenty of other knives, but the Rift offers me the perfect combination of light weight and low-profile. I like the Benchmade Rift enough, that I might just have to get a plain edge satin finish version with the new plain black G10 handle scales. These new variations of the Rift should be available nearly everywhere within the month. These knives, like most factory-made knives, have a marked-up MSRP, for instance, the suggested retail of the new black handled Rift with an uncoated plain blade is $180.00 USD, though like all Benchmade knives, and most other production knives, you can find them significantly cheaper. I got my Rift for about $100, and I've seen the new models for about $125.00 at better online retail knife shops.

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