Sunday, May 24, 2009

And I'm back.....

So it's been forever and a day since I last posted anything up here, and thought I'd go ahead and put something up real quick since it's a slow day at work and I've got nothing better to do or on my mind. Went out to the range yesterday and enjoyed firing off the first box of 9MM that I've been able to find in ages. Nothing more than a 50 count box of Magtech FMC range ammo, but fun nonetheless, discounting a couple of stovepipes throughout the duration. Also wasted a few targets shooting my oldest 10/22, since it hasn't gotten much love in many of my recent range visits, and it has a sick new scope from NCstar that makes it pretty much right on target every time.

Also new in the life of yours truly, a sweet new ride... well, new for me anyway. I went ahead and traded in the 2005 Hyundai Elantra for a 2001 Honda Passport. It's a 3.2 liter V6 4x4, which fulfills my requirement for the vehicle. While an AWD model may have run me less in the fuel efficiency department the whole purpose in switching up vehicles was so that I could get places off the beaten track. Washington state happens to be littered with thousands of miles of forest service roads unsuited for standard rear wheel or even all wheel drive vehicles. Mind you, I'm not think about the Rubicon trail, as the Passport is still my primary means of transport and I really don't wanna wreck it, but I want something that will tackle sketchy terrain putting me that much closer to the outdoors and away from normal car-campers.

As well my birthday is coming up, for which I can generally expect a pretty fair amount of cashola, and I'm now contemplating shotguns. I've got my choices narrowed down to a handful, but haven't really come to an executive decision just yet so to speak:
Benelli Supernova Tactical 12 GA with pistol grip
(MSRP $499)

I love the Benelli, which is a universal name alongside Mossberg as far as their shotguns are concerned, and in my opinion aesthetically better looking than the Mossberg 500 as well. My only real qualm is that it's one of the more expensive entry level shotguns out there, and while it pales price wise in comparison to the Benelli M4, it would still hurt my wallet a bit to procure... but damn it's hot.
Charles Daly Tactical 12 GA
(MSRP $344)

The Charles Daly Tactical is nothing more than a clone of the Benelli for about a bill fifty less. But unlike the Benelli the Charles Daly comes equipped with a picatinny mount for a red dot or other optics. More than likely were I to go with one of these pricier gauges, I'd go with the Charles Daly. They make AR15's that have reviewed exceptionally well, plus the gun just looks badass.
Harrington & Richardson Tamer 20 GA
(MSRP $160)

I have long contemplated this survival shotgun. It's a single shot break barrel shotty styled after the classic marine shotgun with synthetic furniture and a nickel finish. It's a bit more reminiscent of a cowboy gun, yet still maintains a bit of bad-assery for folks like me that are actually concerned about their firearm's appearance. I also like the added utility of the storage for extra shells, and I'm familiar enough with this piece to be able to reload it quick in a panic.
IAC Hawk Model 982 12 GA
(MSRP $230)

Most people list this model as a Remington 870 clone, but with the ghost ring sights it's more reminiscent of the Benelli in my opinion. But apparently 870 accessories will work with this firearm without modification. I've seen some especially awesome looking home defense variations built on this platform. Apparently IAC is actually manufactured by Norinco in China, but I haven't come across any negative feedback here, so this one is high on my list of possibles.
New England Firearms Pardner Pump Protector 12 GA
(MSRP $198)

Another Remington 870 clone, the NEF variation is a bit cheaper than the Norinco, but also lacks quality sights though it is drilled and tapped for additional optics. Again, 870 hardware will work with this piece from my research, and not require any mods made to the firearm, which makes it another high contender for whichever shotty I happen to go with. Tough call indeed.

Anyways, that's about all that's on my mind today... I'll be sure to keep whomever reads this blog these days updated with my decision after the birthday occurs next week. I'm fairly confident that whichever one of these options I actually go with, I will be pleased with the end result. Also, will be certain to give my thoughts on how my forest service road adventures go this season... can't wait to take the new ride in the dirt!


bigmick said...

I have a H&R Pardner. It's a great bargain gun. Just a word of warning. The barrels are NOT interchangeable with an 870.

bigmick said...

Oh yeah! Welcome back.

Aaron said...

Hell yeah man! A little 4wd is rad!