Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leatherman Freestyle now available

If there's one knife/tool category I love as much as "tactical folders", it's multi-tools. I have a shitload of multi-tools, even some I've never used!! Anyhow I just saw this badboy online and had to post pix 'cause it looks awesome. I hate to sound like a knifecenter shill, but I love that goddamn site. I stole these images from them too, which they probably kiped from Leatherman's site, oh well. Leatherman continues to crank out cool designs, this one's in the $30-$40 USD pricerange, and like the Skeletool, a slightly more expensive carbon-fiber handled version is available. I certainly don't need another multi-tool, as I regularly use an old Victorinox Swisstool, and last fall I bought a Leatherman Kick, and I've been carrying the 125th Anniversary Victorinox Climber I wrote about a few weeks back. But I'm certainly tempted by the $39.95 price of the stainless handled Leatherman Freestyle!!!

I'm guessing these guys should be available at most online knife retailers, though knifecenter is the first place I've seen them. I like the fact that many companies are starting to bridge the gap between folding knife and multi-tool with designs like this that just pack the basics, along with a good size blade.

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