Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Badass Budget Blackhawk!

The Blackhawk Blades BHB41, the little brother of the BHB40:

I went into a local tactical supply store near Ft. Lewis to buy a belt, specifically another 5.11 Tactical TDU Belt. It's the easiest, most comfortable belt I've ever worn, they come in large sizes, and I wanted one in OD green. Of course I couldn't JUST buy a belt at a store that sells as much cool shit as these guys. Their knife prices are usually right around suggested retail, but certainly never overpriced. The Blackhawk! BHB40 caught my eye. It's a folder; China-made and tanto of blade. It was priced around $49.99, but for some reason, the guys at this store always give me the military/LE discount, maybe they give it to everyone, who knows, I wasn't about to argue with saving $6+ on my purchase total!

Let's take a look at the overall specs:
* Blade Length: 3.75"
* Overall Length: 8.85"
* Blade Material: 9Cr13CoMoV stainless steel
* Blade Finish: Matte stonewashed
* Edge type: Partially Serrated
* Handle Material: 420J stainless steel liners nested in injection-molded nylon scales
* Pocket Clip: Right or left-side, tip-up or tip-down carry

It's light for a knife of its size and feels good in the hand. The nylon scales are patterned with the MOD/Blackhawk Blades delta symbol which provides a good grip, even while wet. When I got home, I toyed around with switching grips and flipping and turning this knife in my hand under the running shower nozzle, I was surprised at the way this relatively nondescript handle shape stuck in my hand. It's a simple lockback, like a Cold Steel Voyager or Spyderco Endura, but it snaps in place with authority, and feels solid.

I like the fact that holes are tapped to allow for left/right and tip up/tip down carry. The clip on mine came attached for right side tip down, and I may keep it that way, but knowing my preference, I'll probably flip it to tip up carry. The thumb opener is an odd-looking sort of slot, but it works surprisingly well with the thumb, or my trademark double-jointed thumb hold/middle finger flick (too complicated to demonstrate here) which I mastered back in the day on Spyderco Enduras and Delicas.
I also like the fact that these knives have a long thin leading edge, as opposed to the square-looking tanto style where the front of the blade comes up at say, a 45 degree angle, giving such knives kind of a blunted, bulldog sort of look.

My knife was shaving sharp right off the shelf, as it should be, and the serration pattern looks competent enough to slice pretty much anything that might need slicing, and the tip is needle sharp.
This knife has only been in my possession a matter of hours, so I obviously haven't had any real time or energy to use and abuse it (and honestly, that's not really my style anyway) but I'll update as needed with anything this blade excels at.

Some might have their reservations about a Chinese made folder, but many simply can't afford, or or don't want to spend the cash associated with a US made knife like an overpriced (IMO) Strider folder or even a higher end Kershaw/Zero Tolerance, or a blue or black box Benchmade for every day carry. The $50-or-so retail of these makes them affordable for cops, firemen and military people with a family on a budget, and just makes knives like these damn tempting for single dudes like myself with no kids and minimal expenses. Even better, I've seen this same knife up to $10 less online, than what I paid for it in a brick-and-mortar store!

I'm liking this simple blade more and more. I've repeatedly pierced the bottoms of several aluminum energy drink cans and the tip, while very pointy, is holding up well. This knife is a cinch to touch up on a diamond rod. I'm thinking this Blackhawk knife would be a good self defense tool in trained hands as well. Nice...

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