Friday, June 19, 2009

ipood! is no joke!

It's been a long time since I've been so far off trail or away from a campsite that I've had to dig a hole to drop a deuce. While I would usually turn to a thick stick, a beater fixed blade knife, or even a tent stake, seems there are many gear-heads that want a specific tool for everything. The U-Dig-It Stainless folding shovel has been popular at stores like REI and sites like TADGEAR for years, and seems well made, though I've never actually dropped dung in a hole dug with the U-Dig It.

I was at REI the other day, my first trip into the Tacoma location, and I happened upon the iPood! collapsible trowel/shovel by Sea To Summit. Just the name alone had me laughing uncontrollably, and it seems like another smart product from Sea to Summit who make or import a wide range of useful items for your camp kit or hiking bag.
I think these little devices to "cover your leavings" run about twenty bucks, keeping them off any outdoor-shitting need or want lists I personally might have, Butt for some, they may be just what's needed for what they leave Behind. Pardon the bad puns, this product practically begs for puns and jokes with its own lighthearted name, which is a hi-tech play on words in its own right, (in case you were too slow to get it the first time around).

Should the need arise, I'll stick with a stout do-it-all fixed blade, or a simple stick, as Ma Nature probably intended, but I had to at least drop off a quick little post, about the iPood!

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