Monday, June 15, 2009

Petzl Tikkina vs. Black Diamond Gizmo, coming soon

These two headlamps are probably THE two most affordable name brand headlamps. I got myself the 2 bulb, 3xAAA Petzl Tikkina recently. Today, for my dad's birthday, I picked him up the Black Diamond Gizmo, which I believe has 1 more bulb than the Petzl, yet 1 less battery also. My dad lives on a saltwater bay and sometimes has to bring the boat in in low light, amongst floating debris, steering while keeping an eye on the gps/depth screen. I figured a hands-free light would be useful.

I haven't had enough time with my little Petzl, and Pops hasn't unwrapped his Black Diamond yet, so a true review is on its way. Both lights retail for right around $20.00 (I think the Petzl was $19.95 @ REI and the Black Diamond $20 even).

I look forward to seeing how these budget-conscious headlamps perform, especially out on the water or as get-up-and-piss lights while camping!
more soon.

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