Monday, July 13, 2009

Gage Abaddon @ TADgear

Just a quickie here guys...I love to look at stuff I can't afford, especially if it looks like it'd be useful in a zombie/home invasion scenario. I don't know much about John Gage, but I know his bladeware looks badass!
Here's the Abaddon at
Many of Gage's designs seem to bridge the gap between utilitarian fantasy designs and large knives and swords capable of hard real-world tactical use.
Gage's site is here

I hope Mr. Gage won't be pissed that I snagged this pic of his tactical gladius from his site. It's just too cool not to post, and I suppose it's free press for him.

Anyhow, I've been awake way too long and I'm ready to crash out, but check out John Gage's stuff!


CTone said...

That tactical gladius is super bad-ass!

I don't know if Virginia law would allow that for EDC, but they should! Seriously!

They are a tad bit spendy though.

Aaron said...

Yeah, C-Tone, I'm pretty stoked on this guy's stuff ( @ least looks wise) so far. I haven't read anything yet re: realistic field tests, but the stuff like this sold on tadgear's site tends to be pretty solid, and for prices like that, they'd better be good!