Thursday, July 16, 2009

SOG Fusion Micron II with tanto blade

Here's a cool revised version of a SOG classic. SOG's Fusion line of products, is essentially stuff made in Taiwan or China, instead of Japan or the USA, and is markedly less expensive. From all I have seen, it hasn't changed the general quality that makes SOG knives well known. Probably 90% of factory knife manufacturers have a less pricey line of knives made in Asia somewhere. Though others, like Buck, are starting to return some of their products to USA manufacturing at their new Idaho facility.

I've always liked SOG, probably because they are a local company, from near where I grew up, and they've always been a company to try new things, even if they weren't received well by the knife buying public 100% of the time. The Fusion Micron II tanto is very thin and flat, and hearkens back to classic lockback pocketknives from many makers over the last several decades. It's definitely a new millennium take on an old school style, and that's what attracted me to it initially. Here are the basics:
* Blade Length: 2.25"
* Overall Length: 5"
* Weight: 1.4 oz.
* Edge: Straight
* Steel: 420
* Handle: Stainless steel
* Finish: Black

It's very modern, stealthy and tactical, while still being low profile. The lockback action is solid, with no hint of play or wobble in the blade when locked. My only very minor complaint, is that like so many tanto style blades from many manufacturers who do some overseas products, the blade's grind lines are kind of sloppy, and the edge geometry isn't exactly perfect, but I think that's a symptom of Chinese manufacture, not SOG's reputation. Otherwise this is a very solid little piece, and overall, very high quality for a knife that can be found for under twenty bucks at some online knife shops. If I'm not mistaken, SOG still carry a lifetime warranty on all their products. This little guy fits well into that slightly more PC category of smaller, lighter folders for everyday use, that aren't likely to freak out non-knife-people too much. You never know though, simple minded anti-knife types who love to create drama would probably describe this cute little knife as "black and menacing, with an armor-piercing tip" LOL.
Overall, SOG's Fusion line is shaping up to consistently yield innovative stuff, at a better pricepoint, and for me, it's always nice to support a local company.
The SOG Fusion Micron 2.0 tanto can be seen here along with the rest of the Fusion line, and SOG's other unique knives and tools


CTone said...

I like old school; like the lack of a thumb stud.

This one is perfect for opening the mail or boxes in the office without scaring the hippies!

Aaron said...

totally! Yeah, it's tactical but still classy, and kid-friendly lol