Friday, September 11, 2009

LOL @ Kershaw's Ted Nugent knife

I'm guessing Kershaw has resorted to recruiting washed up 80's rockers for "signature" versions of best-selling knives because custom knife guru Ken Onion's contract is reportedly up with them. Yup, The Nuge has his own signature edition of Kershaw's Leek assisted opener (designed originally by Onion).
Goofy rockstar/"activist" aside, it's a pretty cool take on the little folder. I wish so badly it was a fixed blade, so I could've titled this post, "Wang Dang, Sweet Full Tang".

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Anonymous said...

Goofy Rock star- Dude- you need to check your attitude at NugeFest 2010. Ted has wacked and stacked more than you could ever dream dude. It's a kick ass knife- by a kick ass dude.