Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2010 will see Benchmade continue custom maker partnerships

Well...that's a no-brainer. Benchmade's legendary collabs with the likes of Ernest Emerson, Allen Elishewitz and Warren Osborne (to name a few) have likely been a huge part of their continued success and growth as a leader in the industry. Evidently I missed this press release from about a month ago, so here it is.

"The latest partnership between Benchmade Knife Company and custom knife designers Eddie Killian and Shane Sibert will pave the way for new innovative and quality designs that are built for performance, reliability and dependability."


Eddie Killian designed the brutal Marc Lee "Glory" fixed blade for the big BM, and Sibert, well he's got an aggressive and unique style all his own.

While we're waiting for benchmade's sure-to-be-badass 2010 knives to start trickling out probably in February, be sure to check out Killian's K5Tactical site

and Shane Sibert's excellent custom offerings as well.

You can bet that Killian probably has some more bombproof fixed blade designs coming out, and Sibert's Benchmade collabs, fixed or folder, are certain to be on my 2010 want-list.

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