Monday, January 18, 2010

Eat and run, you tool. CRKT continues creative work in 2010.

The good folks at CRKT are bringing loads of new goodies to knife fans this year. 2010 sees continued creativity as Columbia River Knife & Tool continues partnerships with custom knifemakers and industrial designers. The Eatn'Tool is on its way soon, an (extremely) abbreviated spork, bottle opener, flat screwdriver and impromptu hex bit driver (bring your own bits), this tool should be available at discount web knife shops for well under $10.00 USD. Initially, I thought this was silly, but it's growing on me, especially the black version, and I'm certain I'll end up buying one of each, as they're cheap enough to purchase, if only for the sake of reviewing here and telling readers whether or not this is a viable gadget, or a silly crossbreed of illogical tool-pairings.

* 9100C: Bead Blast
* Steel: 3Cr13, 51-53 HRC
* Tine Length: .075” (2 mm)
* Total Length: 4.0” (102 mm)
* Tool Weight: 1.5 oz. (43 g)

I'm also interested in CRKT's McGinnis-designed, "Shrimp" keychain-size knife. It's inexpensive and is said to come in 5 colors, all which feature a glow-in-the-dark backspacer for looks, and to assist in locating it in low light. Pretty cool, Gerry McGinnis is a young feller (early 20's I think), who is an engineering student and knifemaker. He's evidently the youngest person to have yet designed anything for the beloved-by-many, CRKT. I've seen some of his custom work online as well, and it sure looks cool.

CRKT has consistently churned out lots of high quality stuff over the years at beyond reasonable prices. Some of it has worked and found an audience, some hasn't, but you can't say they're unwilling to try new things...

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