Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Check out ceramicknife.org!

A full review of their Rigger's knife, a very nice folding ceramic knife, is on the way. I've actually been busy, if you can believe it, but I'm using this ceramic blade regularly, and gathering more test info, so, a review is on its way.

This gentleman has a really cool array of high quality, yet inexpensive ceramic bladed knives for various purposes.
Ceramicknife.org is where Phil Cressman markets the ceramic knives he designs, then has manufactured by another company. After playing with the Rigger's knife, I must say I'm impressed so far, and I'd like to eventually play around with some of Phil's other designs to compare/contrast performance against steel blades. Very cool stuff. Look for my review soon, and check out Mr. Cressman's wares on his site

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