Monday, March 1, 2010

RAT Cutlery name change and micarta handle slabs available for RAT Izula

Jeff Randall's RAT Cutlery announced on 2/1/2010, that RAT Cutlery is getting a name change. RAT Knives will now be called Esee Knives. From their SITE:
-"The new name has been used by Randall's Adventure & Training since 1997 while under contract with the Peruvian Air Force School of Survival.
ESEE stands for Escuela de Supervivencia (School of Survival) Escape, Evasion . The acronym also represents Education of
Survival, Escape and Evasion - A domestic and international training class taught by Randall's Adventure & Training."-

Anyhow, the RAT Cutlery/Esee Knives Izula is one of my all-time favorite small fixed blades that fits into the "neck knife" category. Mine is the tan version, and currently sports a safety orange glow-tip lanyard made by Scott at Canada's The Lanyard Zone.
Many knife sites are now selling add-yourself micarta handle slabs for the Izula knife series, for about $15.00 USD. They should fill out the handle better, therefore filling your hand better and making extended work more comfortable.

See the RAT/Esee SITE for details on the knives and the name change.

3/2/10 update:
Thanks to the reader who commented on this entry!! I forgot to include a link to a site which sells the aftermarket (made by RAT) slabs for the Izula series!! I am in no way affiliated with Knifecenter, but I have been buying knives from them since 1999 and I have found their customer service and selection second-to-none. I trust them without fail. is also a great site, and what they sometimes lack in selection, they make up for with mega-fast shipping and great service.


Anonymous said...

Can you give an example of a site selling the micarta slabs

Aaron said...

Thanks anonymous! I've updated this post with links to 2 of the sites that I trust, actually the only 2 knife retail sites I'd fell comfortable recommending to anybody. Looks like knifeworks is out of stock right now, but they are quick to restock stuff in general. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!!