Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chris Reeve diamond plate Sebenza

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Chris Reeve's folding Sebenza knives have attained nearly legendary status over the years. They're known not only for their durability and quality, but for the fact that Mr. Reeve is always doing different designs and etchings on the titanium handles. I've never owned a Reeve Sebenza, but I've handled quite a few, and they are certainly precision-made knives. I thought I'd share this one with readers, I like it more than many other Sebenzas with Computer Graphics designs. Evidently, Chris refers to his newest gen Sebenza knife, as the "Sebenza 21", which is the same framelock pattern in concept, but features a more chamfered handle , with more comfy, melted angles in order to slide better into the pocket or sheath, and feel better in the hand. The closest thing I own to a Sebenza, is a long out of production Benchmade they called the Pinnacle, which featured their take on Reeve's framelock, which Benchmade called a "Monolock". It's still a very good knife in great condition, but I'll have to give in someday when I make better money, and get myself a Sebenza. Very cool knives. For more info on Chris Reeve's line of folders and fixed blade knives, check out

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