Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tell ME a knife story! SB&T's 1st Contest EVER!

Hey All! Our 2 year anniversary is coming up in August!
I'm gonna offer up a little contest here @ S, B & T! All that you, Dear Reader, gotta do, is submit to me a short (page or two) true story about a knife experience you've had in real life. It could be about using a certain knife while camping or in combat, loaning a knife to a reckless buddy, whatever. Intrigue me, make me laugh or gasp and I'll send you a hand selected Sharp, Bright and Tactical surprise care package. So... you can leave your stories on the comments for this post, or email me:<>;

All YOU have to do, is tell me a true story, funny, shocking, stupid or wrong, about a life experience you've had involving knives. Maybe you got stabbed in the ass by a girlfriend (wait...that's me), maybe you did hard time and disarmed some badass dude's shank right before he lunged at you. Perhaps you got your favorite custom knife lifted off of you by a jealous cop?
Just make it entertaining and I'll send you some form of knife, some form of flashlight and some other cool tactical goodies to get your summer 2010 adventures started off right. I know this is all sorta vague, so email me with questions, or as with the story, leave questions under this post's comments. I've never done this before, but I promise I'll send a 1st and a 2nd prize to the 2 best stories, (IMO). Eric and I will read your submissions and pick our 2 favorites. I promise I'll make it worth your while, I won't send you a used Swiss Army toothpick and a scratched up carabiner! Our two winners will get a knife, a flashlight and some bonus goodies.

In addition to sending you some cool gear, I'll repost your tale of you and your knife as a new post, for all readers to see, with you or your pseudonym getting full credit.

I'll announce the 1st and 2nd place prize packages in a couple weeks. It'll be something from my vast collection that's either redundant, or maybe something that I acquired in a trade and never carry. Be patient, and leave your story under this post's comments, or email me at the previously mentioned address. Don't forget to leave an email or phone number where I can contact you to get your shipping address. Don't worry, I WILL NOT give ANYBODY access to your email or physical address, name etc. I'm not a dick. At least not like that. There's nothing I hate more than being badgered by junk emails and phone calls from assholes trying to sell you some shit you don't want. So, I won't share your info, and I'll pay shipping too.

I thought this thing might be fun and get people talking and sharing on here. There's probably some law about holding an unlicensed contest and sending people knives and stuff in the mail, but I'm "ignorant of the law" and just wanna give you something cool for a story. Please! Please! 18 and over ONLY. Sorry kids, I don't want to field angry emails from some 12 year old's dad who wants to fly out here and kick me into a coma for sending his kid a sharp knife!! I won't be held responsible for the contest prizes after I ship them either. Use your head, and respect property, people and animals, or you'll have ME tracking you down to punch your kidney into your lung!

BEST OF LUCK!! I look forward to reading your stories! Gentlemen...Ladies...BEGIN!!!

5/20/2010 UPDATE:
COME ON GUYS!!!!!!!!!
I've got one fantastic entry, that's it. The man is question is going to get a mega-prize if we don't get some more entries! Get to writing y'all!

5/31 UPDATE:
ok, I have my main winner and a couple other guys who sent fantastic stories who will be sent prizes. Congrats to George and Lee, and Perkunas' story was great too. However..I'm out of stuff to give away right now. I always welcome your knife stories, and enjoy reading them, but I'm gonna have to call an end to this particular contest. This was fun though, so keep your eyes peeled for additional contests in the coming months, with new ideas and chances to win cool gear.


Aaron said...

Our first submission is from Florida! It's hilarious! I hope the gentleman who wrote it will give me permission to post it here down the road. He had me laughing out loud, literally. Keep your stories coming. If they're all as great as this one, I might have to award some additional prizes.

Perkunas said...

Growing up with knives.

I got my first real knife at about age of 5 or six,before that i only had some tiny executive vic,but this one i got now was a genuine hand made boy scout knife as i juts had joined to the cubs.It felt soo nice to own a decent knife,although nowadays this same knife looks so simple and small,but back then it was about the most precious thing i had ever owned.It was made my my dads buddy,had a 4 inch scandi blade,small crossguard and a red painted handle along with a snap closure sheath out of brown leather.I had always wanted a real puukko and now i had one.But i was pretty annoyed as my kid brother also got his at the same time and hes two yrs younger than me..and now he had a grown-up-mans tool too.Was i pissed,man.Well,after we got thos ein our hands we ran out to backyard and started to whittle some sticks,and as i had previously whittled with a real knife under supervision of my grandpa,i got along pretty fine but my kid brother didnt....At some point i my hand got sore and i just sticked my blade into this tree stump in fron of me and my kid bro copied sticking it out to his own kneecap:).I remember just getting in panic but still i laughed too as my bro ran like hell to frontyard to get inside to mom,and while running he stumbled into my bicycle and the knife got stuck into the chains or something,yanked the cut more open and then slipped out of his knee,and i saw this good size blood-jet spitting blood from bro´s knee when he ran and i ran after him,in panic and chocking due to laughing at sime time.My bro got inside,followed by me,he ran into kitchen where our mom was,she looked to my bro,´her eyes rolled and she passed out,leaving my bro standing with his knee wound,now spraying the blood all over,just there until my dad ran into kitchen,he shaked mom awake and up,and grabbed my brother up into his arms,showed him into back of our car and blasted in his way to the hospital,where the doc sewed hes punctured big vein and skin,but when they left the place he said to our dad that it was hellova good luck that the knife had been clean and very sharp and therefore i t didnt make nasty shredded wounds hard to patch up.After this my kid brothers knife was taken away for some year and i was then again the only kid with a real knife in the house.

Aaron said...

thanks Perkunas! Much appreciated. Scary times! I have my own freaky knife injury stories as well, maybe I'll post a couple up in a few weeks.

Aaron said...
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