Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BW Baker Svord Peasant Knives

I discovered these recently at Knifecenter.com

These look pretty neat, and I've read some good reviews. Svord is out of New Zealand and the Peasant Knife is offered in tough colored plastic handles or a wood variation for a few dollars more. Here in the states, on say, knifecenter for example, they only cost about $15.00 USD before shipping. The carbon steel blade is supposed to be just awesome and the blade tang has a sort of tail that allows you to thumb the knife open with one hand. Pretty cool concept in a world of black on black tactical weaponized demon knives!

I can't really afford to be ordering new knives right now, as I just got an order purchased from knifeworks.com, in Louisiana, and I'm sort of broke at the moment. However, when the time is right, I'll probably order the blue or yellow variation of the Peasant Knife, and of course, I'll review it right here. Svord makes a suede pouch sheath available, to tote your Peasant around on your belt, though I'm sure I'd just drop it into a pocket, or carry it in a Tactical Tailor pouch on my 5.11 TDU belt, if need be. Knifecenter is offering a handful of colors, but it appears that other colors are available through Svord, including green and white. Polypropylene is an inexpensive and tough plastic that can be dyed pretty much any color you can think of. Cold Steel makes their training weapons and many blunt force weapons out of their black polypro, and I must say, the stuff is tough!

It should be noted that these are friction folders. When open, the blade is held by friction, and the pressure and placement of your hand over the extended tang bar is what keeps the knife from closing. There's no ball bearing detent, like in most linerlocks, so the knife opens very easily. In other words it doesn't technically lock open or lock closed. I think the fact that your hand over the extended blade tang keeps the knife safe and open, is genius. It's a fairly large knife, with much more handle than is needed to house the 3 inch blade. A youtube reviewer pointed out, that turned around in a hammer grip, when closed, the Svord Peasant's long tang bar could be used competently as an impact weapon. Pretty cool!

Anyhow, these look to be a fantastic value for the money, I'd recommend a regular wipe down with a Sentry Solutions Tuff-Cloth though, or regular oiling with Tuff-Glide, as these are carbon steel, and I've found the Sentry "Tuff" series of products really works to keep spotting and rust at bay on carbon steel and stainless blades alike.
see Svord for more details

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