Thursday, July 22, 2010


Idaho's TOPS Knives has a long history of big, thick quality outdoor & tactical knives made to take a beating. They frequently work with real-world professionals to design effective bladed solutions for the field. They've previously scored hits with knives like the Smokejumper, the CAT (Covert Action Tanto) series, and the Tom Brown Tracker knife, featured in the action film; The Hunted.
Available soon, the HAKET is a convertible tomahawk with a hollow handle. The blade can be removed and replaced for different applications, and the handle can hold small survival items. Pretty neat design. I have an old military surplus kit based on a similar idea. It's an aluminum handle that can accomodate a hatchet head, saw blade, or small shovel/trowel. I've always loved the ingenious design, and it's nice to see an American knife company like TOPS doing something similar, with quality materials.

TOPS is always doing something new, they've literally offered hundreds of different designs over the years, and the HAKET promises to be unique, useful and fun, all at once. This looks like the type of tool that could sustain a small group over a weekend camping trip all by itself. I look forward to hearing more about the HAKET, and hopefully being able to handle one in the future.
Be sure to check out TOPS on a semi-regular basis for new designs, including the OSS thumb dagger inspired Knox-Knife:

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