Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meyerco Besh Wedge Bottle Rocket

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Here's a new little badass creation I'd like to play with! Brent Beshara's excellent and revolutionary Besh Wedge blade grind style is popping up everywhere. It uses "diagonally opposing bevels converging to create a third cutting edge". You'll understand by taking a close look at the photo.
It's called the Bottle Rocket, a neck knife obviously, and I'd guess that the tang will act as a bottle cap lifter, even though the specs don't mention it directly. Meyerco has a pretty solid history of offering some bargain knives with a high quality to price ratio, as well as having worked closely with other famous knife-names like Darrel Ralph and Blackie Collins. I'd REALLY like to give the Bottle Rocket a day in court out on the boat, or just let it hang out around my neck for a day.

Brent Beshara's resume is pretty amazing, he knows knives, as a maker, and has the real world experience to back it up, serving in multiple roles in Canada's Special Forces, and working as an EOD Tech just to name a few of his achievements! Check out Brent's site for more info on the man and the blades. Beshara has created an entirely new edge grind for tactical knives, producing an extremely strong tip. The Besh Wedge concept is difficult to put into words, so have a look:

A short few months back, I got hold of Ka-Bar's Besh BOGA (Back Off Get Away) Personal Defense Knife for women. The BOGA is a sweet little poker as well.

I'm not the only dude who bought this knife based upon its sweet looks and overall concept! You don't have to be a street savvy woman to appreciate this blade, but there's no doubt that it will work as intended in the hands of a lady with a bit of basic fight training. I noticed the fit in the BOGA'S sheath is a bit loose, but I think it was done intentionally to aid in an effortless fast draw under stress. I've carried the BOGA around the neck, and in my pocket and have never had a problem with the knife coming out unless I wanted it to. Overall, I'm impressed by Mr. Beshara's credentials and overall ingenuity, and tempted, very tempted to pick up a Bottle Rocket, which is pretty reasonably priced and very slick in concept and execution.

It would seems Knifecenter's initial specs and info are not entirely accurate for the Bottle Rocket. Brent Beshara contacted me with the low-down on his new Meyerco project: "The concept is that the Bottle Rocket is just a bottle opener, nothing more. It does have the BESH Wedge® on it, yet it’s not sharpened. The ball bearing is to be used as a balance point to “spin the bottle” and see who will buy the next round. An old sailor’s game I picked up along the way."

His description explains the greeting of "Cheers...Besh!" etched onto the "blade".
In any case, the BESH Wedge® tip is probably a handy prybar and probe, and the overall concept is very cool, whether the edges are technically sharpened or not. There's a chance I may be able to get hold of one for testing, and fill readers in on all of the details.


Brent Beshara said...

Hey Aaron

Thank you for your great work with this article!

Continued success,

Aaron said...

Thanks for the kind words sir! I look forward to seeing what you bring us in the future!