Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dirk Pinkerton Broad Head Titanium Push knife, Manufactured by Darrel Ralph's H.T.M. (Hand Tech Made) - Review coming SOON

The word-nerd just paid a visit, and I'm feeling the burn, the writing fix needs to be satisfied, the gods need pleasing, and my in-process full writeup of this beautiful little bastard is being tweaked and adjusted for optimum readability.  Brace yourself, hold your breath @ your own risk.
I'll give you all the juicy details *very* soon indeed.

 Just a few teaser pix for you while I tweak the review, which happens to be more overdue than I wanted it to be (hey, man, I've been busy).  All titanium, all bad-f***ing-ass.

 Kydex sheath sports an innovative and attractive carbon-fiber-esque look.  It's a SECURE fit.

The thing isn't much thicker than a quarter, and super light weight, there's knifemaking alchemy going on here, I'm sure of it, the thing weighs like, I dunno, it's like the weight of a pea, or a piece of dry catfood, it feels like it weighs mere grams. The quarter fits nicely in that finger hole as well.  Remarkable that it's so very light, and looks great, AND it fits many, many different grips VERY comfortably.

MORE SOON, REVIEW INBOUND in 5   4      3         2               1

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