Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why I Don't Update as Frequently As I'd Like....& Coming up at SB&T...

 So, I sometimes get email or comments that people enjoy what I do here, but that I simply don't update frequently enough.  For that, I apologize, it's true.  I'm just one person, I'll have the occasional guest review, and every now and then Mr. Aeric will stop by, say hello and show us one of his new firearms or present us with a range report about a certain type of ammo or something.  Other than that, it's really just me, and I have a job, blogging doesn't pay any bills because I don't accept paid advertising here, any banners, boxes or links that look like ads are here because it's either a person/company I know or respect, or a product or service I use and/or really love.  I try to add to the links list as I think of it, and if anybody wants their product or website in the long links bar at the right, all they have to do is ask.  So, back to my point, I pay for about 95% of anything I review here on SB&T, every once in awhile some great person or company might send me a sample to review, but more often than not, at least when I'm actually talking about hands-on experience with something, I've purchased it for my own enjoyment, and to review here on SB&T, that's why I add things like knife company news, new product pix and specs, and even simply new or upcoming products I'm interested in, because I can't sustain this blog with posts about stuff I buy for myself alone.  I'm not making excuses, or trying to justify anything, I'm just telling anybody who is curious, why there can sometimes be gaps of a couple weeks between new posts.

 That said, I have no intention this project going anywhere, I'll always do it, we have a pretty cool, small but always growing facebook page community, you can find me on facebook in the box over there on the right, I always appreciate when I see somebody new has pressed that "like" button on the facebook page.  More than anything, many, many thanks to friends I've made, fellow bloggers, regular readers and anybody who even pops in to read a post here or there.  SB&T is pretty much a 1 man project driven by my love of the knife & gear industry, and an unexplainable need to write that's haunted me since I was very young.  Writing is cathartic, and simply something that I enjoy, so thanks to friends & regulars, facebook followers and new readers.  I started this for me, but it makes me happy that there are many like-minded folks who check out this little blog, or simply get a kick out of what I do here.  You guys all rock.

Anyhow, coming soon, I've fallen in love with a new EDC blade, the Zero Tolerance 0350ST, a beautifully manufactured knife (Oregon Made baby!) that has pretty much every single attribute I look for when considering a new knife.  It's robust, like, "brick shit-house" robust, assisted opening, black coated, S30V bladed, and it packs Kershaw/ZT's awesome scalloped serrations.  I'll be back with more pix & impressions, and I'll tell the tale of the great deal I got on my ZT 0350ST folder.  It can often be found for just a hair over a hundred bucks, and they really could charge a lot more.  ♪ Bah-dah-da-da-daahhhh ♫ I'm Effin' LOVIN' IT.

ZT0350ST my new silent pat'nah.  One bad-ass, stout lil' folder.

I shouldn't have done it ($-wise, I'm fuggin' broke), but I love impact weapons, and Laci Szabo, weapon-smith extraordinaire makes cool stuff, I impulsively ordered it, so, when it arrives, after I've looked it over, and punched some stuff with it, and roughed it up a bit, I'll give ye the lowdown on this Szabo-described "fistful of PAIN!" Boo-yah.  I love koppo sticks, kubotans (kuBATOns if you're trying to avoid Master Tak Kubota trademark infringement), eskrima/kali sticks, ASP batons, fistloads, knuckles etc.  This Szabo custom kubotan will be a worthy addition to my collection, I'll be back with full details when it gets here.

Mr. Laci Szabo made this Custom Kubotan out of his bad-ass super-tuff polymer, it's US made, and it's my very first purchase from Arizona Custom Knives.  It's built bigger & thicker, for a man's hand, (save yer crude jokes, pervs), instead of those weeny lil' generic foreign made kubotans.
it seems this pair of snakes is intent on making themselves somehow synonymous with Sharp Bright & Tactical, they keep popping up on the facebook page, and...evidently, even here now.

If you're on facebook, like 99.9% of humankind, check out Sharp, Bright & Tactical's page.  The wall is free for knifemakers, writers, bloggers, readers etc to post videos, pix, and links, just no spammy bullshit please!  Otherwise, click that "Like" button, and join in the conversation, post stuff you like, and comment and meet like-minded people.  It's my aim to have the facebook page be this site's sister site, as you can see in the facebook box over there>>>>, you can get updates of what's going on over there just by scrolling in the box itself.   Anyway, more to always.


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