Friday, March 4, 2011

Upcoming....Coming up....Whatever, new stuff inbound.

Colin Despins put lots of thought into this unique knife manufactured by TOPS Knives.
      I gotta apologize for another big gap in regular posts.  I've never been a daily-poster kinda guy, I'd rather post a few things and do them right, than rush them and give readers more to look at.  Even when I'm most active, about a post per week is often the most I can handle, seeing as I'm the sole writer around here at the moment.  Anyhow, apologies for the delay, new stuff is on the way.  I'll give the lowdown of the TOPS Knives & Colin Despins Back Bite, a Purpose Built Fighting Knife inspired by Despins' lifelong martial arts experience, and especially the martial art that changed how he thought about combat...Russian Martial Art.  It's a fantastic knife, I've done a quick video preview, but I'm in the process of finishing up a detailed written piece after having a chance to talk to Despins 1 on 1.  Cool guy, cool knife!

This bad mamma-jamma retails for only $55 bones, and it's DAMN-BRIGHT!  Boy Howdy!
      Dang, I'm really impressed with Surefire's new G2X Tactical.  Inexpensive, and it throws a crazy bright beam that stabs through the darkness like Despins' Back Bite stabs through bad-guys!  Made in the USA from domestic & foreign components, it still qualifies as American Made, under the "Buy American" Act.  The G2X Tactical is a class-act.  Sort of a hybrid, a 200 lumen LED housed in an aluminum bezel/head, with a "Nitrolon" body like Surefire's original G2 and G2Z lights.  Impressive.
888 Professional's Survivit Tool is just plain awesome, pictured next to a Lifegear floating 12 lumen LED flashlight that has more features than you can count on one hand.
     I don't want anybody who hasn't played with a Triple Eight Professional knife to forget about these little gems.  They're perfect for carrying just about anywhere, as they're tiny, yet very mighty, and each model is a slick piece of engineering.  Video & written review on the way.  Pictured attached to my Lanyard Zone Skull Cobra lanyard that I've had forever.  Thanks for bearing with me, while life flips, flops and f*cks with my head.  There's always something in the works...I'm just not always super-quick to get it up here.

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