Friday, May 20, 2011

Jason Brous Silent Soldier, a Quick Peek, & a word on preventing spots on D2 steel, & some cussing.

So, I got the Jason Brous Silent Soldier, & it is bad-ass indeed.  I've had a rough couple of weeks & can't find the will to write or do any serious work due to some bullshit....but this is none of your concern.  Rock out to Wormrot's "Freedom to Act", @ the intro, they're a killer grindey-sorta band from Singapore, & they rule shit, & you can download their new album for free @ Earache records.  I'm not a spokesperson, I just dig the shit, which is why I leave interested parties to find the link for the download themselves...Anyhoo....diggit.  Jason, "YOUNG METAL", nobody calls him that...but I just did, & if people were cool, they'd start calling Jason that also, because he's young, & does cool shit with steel.
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See Jason's wares HERE.


Dan said...

Great video Aaron! I was very impressed with Jason and his work. Keep makin posts and vids "your way" - I have been enjoying them for a while now, and appreciate the no holds barred approach. :)


Aaron said...

thanks for your support!!! Truth is I never intended to do videos at all, but a certain knifemaker nudged me out of my comfort zone, & it's actually been good. I just hate the tedium of long uploads, so if i use lowtech cams like this they can be done, start to finish in an hour or so. Thanks again.

Dan said...

I hear ya man, the uploads can take some time. You might want to start uploading before bed, or heading out for the day. That way you aren't sitting around waiting on it.

I tried my hand at making videos a couple months ago. Man, it wasn't pretty. Lots of "uhms and ahs" - and my cam only could hold 4 minutes of video. Those went right into the trash can.

But really all it takes is practice - I enjoy your views so keep at it!