Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elsa Fantino, French Awesomeness

This is just a quick phone pic of my new Elsa Fantino Devil Knuck, ground from aluminum (SOLID) aluminum.  Elsa has a fascinating background in metal arts and often forges with the great Fred Perrin, who I think of as sort of France's answer to a man like Ernest Emerson!

Skull knuckle, about $40 USD + shipping from Julie Hyman's Arizona Custom Knives

I bought one of Elsa's forged neck knives, sorry for the cell pic, but this thing is rad!! Forged from automotive springs with a jeweled and skulled lanyard!  Kydex too!

     I'm going to keep checking AZCK for more of Elsa's work, she is a unique martial artist but her craftsmanship (craftwomanship!) is outstanding.  Check out Elsa & Fred Perrin at work above, & see Elsa's section on AZCK


Dan said...

Dude - great to see you posting again. That necker is sweet and the nucks are cool too. She is very talented. Interesting video too. Dan from BladeReviews

Aaron said...

That means a lot Dan, thanks, I've been going through some personal stuff, but I've got some stuff on the way & Jesse (see his Atwood tool review) will be writing more as well. Thanks for our patience & support! -Aaron