Friday, September 30, 2011

More Videos Soon-ish. Flipped.

Exciting pic right!? Stock footage baby, mine hasn't yet been unboxed, but I suspect 99% of you either have one or know what it looks like.

     When I began doing videos last year, I was apprehensive.  I'm not technologically-retarded or anything, I'm just a Goddamned writer by birth, for better or worse.  I was encouraged by a very well-known man in the knife-making business to try my hand at making videos, & while rough & uncouth, I'm confident I have a better grasp here in late 2011 on the whole thing.  I still, ironically, have yet to do a video on any of this man's wares, yet I've reviewed plenty of them in writing. 

      My point.  I have a decent webcam, if not a little rough on the pixel-side, & I bought a little waterproof Kodak thing that is way inexpensive & durable but does silly VGA video only.  I turned a year older this month, & the woman who brought me into this nightmare of a world (I love her more than anyone, don't get me wrong) asked me what she could gift me because of course "you MUST have something to open!"  Hmm, I thought, I have a trio of guns that fits me perfectly, & she's more-or-less against firearms, plus they're expensive...Hmmm again, I will NEVER stop buying & supporting the knife industry, factory and/or custom, it's just who I am.  Besides, it seems sort of impersonal to say "well there's this knife derp...".  So I just casually suggested I could use a higher res video device.  Guess who came through like a true Mom!?  Mom did! I'll be playing with more knife videos on my new Flip Ultra HD 8G, very know me, pretty soon is better.

I'll get Elsa Fantino's little neck knife on video & show you the works..along with SEVERAL recent Leatherman acquisitions just for fun.

-Take care.


Dan said...

Awesome dude! Lookin forward to some vids.

Aaron said...

I sincerely appreciate your support man, this started as a hobby after I nearly died from big huge multiple bloodclots in my lungs in 2007 (SB&T started in 2008). It was just a hobby, that's why it still reeks so strongly of my online "attitude" lol, I love the fact that your blog is clean & structured & frequently each his own style, I'll be looking forward to new stuff from you as well Dan!