Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Music Interlude....rare, weird, & otherwise different.

We'll be cranking out new reviews in the New Year.  I've been lazy as hell with SB&T lately, I think it all started with the advent of the Facebook page.  It's easier, quicker & more fun to start convos & put up posts there where a diverse community of cool people can mull them over...whereas, at least lately, when I'm uninspired, hammering out a review, w/ pix & all seems like a bit of work during the bleak Fall & Winter seasons.  To everybody who has ever taken the time to read anything here, comment, or "Like" the Facebook page, THANK YOU! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, & what ever else you celebrate around the world.  May you all get lots of cool knives, flashlights & other tactical stuff & have a safe, fun holiday with the people who care about you.  Enjoy the tunes & Jes & I will be back and on target ASAP.  I've been stalling on videos too, but I have a tripod now, so no excuses!
Take care, 

Oh...and THIS:


Sweet Neko Case hails from my town...I think this is a Tom Waits cover.

This, from stunning Allison Goldfrapp, is nice too.  Yes! I do have widely varied musical tastes.

I'll leave you with the great Steve Earle...

WAIT......ONE MORE!!!!!!!!

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