Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rob Robideau's "The Practical Guide to Everyday Carry Gear"

     Rarely do I feel the need to seek out EDC advice, in general.  I've been carrying & collecting knives, as well as casually shooting & practicing martial arts on & off for close to 20 years (yeah, I'm 30-something).  I'm at the point where I appreciate "expert" input & articles from luminaries like Massad Ayoob, because I have never been as much of a "gun guy", as I am a "knife guy".  That said, taking my experience into account, I would never profess to be an expert on anything I couldn't teach.  Rob Robideau, known for his Personal Armament Podcast, among many other things, has put together a very cool e-book that is a great starting point for EDC newcomers, & a great source of consideration & interest for us old hats.

     The book is a TON of knowledge & a very good read for what many of us might spend on lunch on any given day, about ten bucks.  There are articles & interviews done by or with Massad Ayoob, the handgun guru, and also Dave Spaulding of handgun defense fame, along with Michael Janich, a name that should be familiar to anybody who has studied knife & stick combatives, or owns a well-rounded knife collection!

     I don't want to give away too much in the form of a traditional review, but I will say, don't be a jaded skeptic, this project deserves a look, as I said, even from those of us who think "we know what we're doing".
HALF of the profits go to knife rights causes & other very good charities, & this e book packs significant bang for your hard-earned dollars.
see personalarmament.com for the full-meal-deal

Chapters Include:
·         Selecting A Handgun for EDC – Massad Ayoob – Massad Ayoob Group
·         Selecting and Using a Knife as a Defensive Tool - Michael Janich – Martial Blade Concepts
·         Thoughts on Knives as Defensive Tools – Dave Spaulding – Handgun Combatives
·         Knife Features and Recommendations - Dan – BladeReviews.com
·         Defensive Light Use and Selection – Dave Spaulding
·         Flashlight Technology and it’s Progression - David Chow – 4Sevens
·         Flashlight Features and Recommendations – Marshall Hoots – GoingGear
·         Preparing for Medical Emergencies - Doc and Cruz – Rsktkr Consulting
·         Medical Emergency Gear – Bryan Black – ITS Tactical
·         Timepiece Features and Recommendations – Thomas Carey – TheCGACompany.com
·         A Performance Writing Tool – Steve Nichols – Fischer Space Pens

     Again, I don't want to go through this thing section by section & fill you in on everything.  If my opinions have earned your trust over the last 4 years, check this project out, you can learn more about the format & what exactly you get for your $10usd @ personalarmament.com

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