Saturday, April 28, 2012

ESEE Candiru ™

Candiru, above my Izula

Yes, this knife is named after a tiny & legendary fish that is said to enter a person's least-comfortable areas if a person should accidentally have to pee while swimming where this fish lives.

     Cringe-Inducing namesake aside, ESEE has been on a roll with awesome offerings from before they were even called "ESEE".  Whether you know me from the knife-world, or whether you are a part of my immediate circle, you know that ESEE's Izula neck knife ranks WAY up there in terms of my "knives of all time" list.  Yeah, I probably don't need 5 variations of the Izula (also named for a painful little creature, the Bullet Ant), but it's a great knife.  I've been excited about the Candiru since I first saw it announced...& big surprise, I now own one, in green.  ESEE often calls it "OD" green, though in my experiences it's more of a forest green. Semantics & color interpretation aside, the little Candiru does NOT disappoint!  These are becoming very popular, very early into their introduction by ESEE just a few weeks ago.  I don't know that I'll do a full review, as there really isn't too much for a fan like me to say.  ESEE's (formerly 'RAT Cutlery) knives have already more than proven themselves both in the USA & in South America, where Jeff Randall, Mike Perrin & company teach people how to survive on a bare minimum.  Needless to say, the little Candiru performs like a champ, & (yes, I'll say it), is pretty much indestructible.  It's a nicely shaped hunk of 1095 steel, with a powder coating for wear & corrosion resistance.  It includes a cordura flap-over sheath with a hard plastic insert.  This may not be ideal for some users who are used to the Izula's superb plastic sheath, but I must say that the Candiru's sheath is VERY well made.  Stitching is clean & even, & unwanted/extra threads are burned away, the sheath has a small metal eyelet for lashing, heck, you could even throw it on a ball-chain & wear it like a neck knife.  The plastic insert keeps the knife in very well by friction, & the velcro flap is just extra security.  Chances are, whatever reason you'll be carrying a Candiru, it'll be a secondary knife, so I can't see the cordura sheath being a problem, at least not for most of us.  I've already seen a company that makes aftermarket hard sheaths for this knife.  Godspeed Tactical has been showing their Candiru sheath around on their Facebook page, so I'd contact them if I were interested in different carry options.  Like all ESEE fixed blades the Candiru are individually serial numbered, which I always find cool, & the ESEE skull logo on the blade looks great.  Like its larger & older cousin the Izula, the Candiru's animal-namesake is etched on the reverse side of the blade. A cute little top-down view, of what is probably the world's least-cute least if the myths are true.  I'm struggling against making urinary-tract jokes right I'm just going to end this right here.  Again, Mr. Jeff Randall & his it again.  Good stuff.
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CTone said...

Looks like it would make for a good general purpose fixed blade. Something like that won't terrify the office if you pull it out and slice open a box, and it won't take up much room either.