Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review en route; Boker Anso 67 Folder N690BO Blade, G10 Handles

      So, my good buddy Yusuke hooked me up with ANOTHER awesome gift just a day or two before i graduated a recent very intense program @ a local college.  I worked my ass off for about 6 weeks & earned several (7!) certifications in various fields that will help not only my resume, but my ability to get a good full time job & make more money...in order to feed my knife habit.  Yu just casually sent it through the mail with a handwritten "Congratulations!" note.  Man, he made my week awhile back...& now having this impressive package of professional (mostly HAZMAT/HAZWOPER related) certificates that I worked hard for, in addition to owning one of THE nicest Boker knives I've ever seen...I'm on Cloud 9!!

This is SERIOUSLY one of the NICEST folding knives in my collection, & the fact that it was a gift makes it that much more special.  I'm lucky to meet so many awesome friends just through this simple blog...very lucky indeed.  FULL review is on the way....soon, followed by more info & news on another new fixed blade model from SCAR Blades...then SUMMER, & camping, & road trips & plenty of reports on what knives went where.  Real quick, here's Boker's retail/company line (which doesn't do the knife proper justice, you need to see this one to believe it:

Pocketknife by Boker. With the model "67", Jens Anso presents another successful frame lock design, manufactured by Boker. The layout is similar to the “Haddock,” with a 3mm thick titanium liner and a front G-10 scale. The removable thumb stud and the reversible clip (tip-up/tip-down) make this exclusive design complete, combining ruggedness and a simple construction with a unique and expressive design. The blade is made of high quality N690BO steel. Blade length: 3 1/2". Overall length: 7 5/8". Weight: 4.5 oz. Made in Solingen, Germany.

I'm enjoying this knife EVERY SINGLE DAY, & I'm using it for all sorts of small chores, the blade seems impervious to dulling so far (just a few weeks in) & this thing is built like a tank....review  coming soon.


Dan said...

Aaron, First of all, congrats on the accomplishments, that has to feel good. And wow, what an exceptional gift. I have had my eye on the 67 for some time now so I look forward to getting your take on it.

Dan @ BR

Aaron said...

Thanks Dan!
yes it's one heck of a knife! I couldn't believe it when I got the box, as he'd joked about sending me one in the past, I'd laughed it off, "haha yeah, sure send me a $150+ knife!"....sure enough he's an honest friend indeed, with impeccable taste in blades...I really love this thing!