Friday, June 15, 2012

Waysun Johnny Tsai's CUMA Tak-Ri; 2.0 Model by Tops...Gargoyles love it.

The venerable CUMA Tak-Ri, a project between Mike Fuller's Tops Knives & renowned kungfu icon SiJo Waysun Johnny Tsai of Tsai's kungFu International in Chicago.  The original is badass, & this, the "2.0" is almost the same knife...but what Tops has dubbed the "Woodsman's" version.  They've given it more complete, hand-filling micarta slabs, & on either slab, there's a divot, for assisting in firemaking via the bow-drill method.  There are already some fantastic reviews out for both versions of the Tak-Ri, & ours here has been delayed simply by a weird month of illness for me here south of Seattle.  More pix & a full review will be up quick...please scope out Jesse's great video review below! Jesse's first video for SB&T, & it's clear that I should avoid videos because of my uncouth language & general lack of self control!  Kudos to Mr. Israel for classing up my sloppy blog with both his calm & intelligent words, & his evolution as a knife reviewer.  We're the knife review odd-couple, LOL.

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Jes said...

Knife review odd couple! LoL I love it. Hahaha