Sunday, August 26, 2012

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife™ Review Inbound

     There are a slew of firestarters flooding the market in the past few years.  "Survival" gear is not going to disappear anytime soon.  Just like the unjustified fears of "Y2K", 2012 "Mayan calendar" paranoia continues to fuel a need to stock up on essential gear among the "average" population, as well as we seasoned enthusiasts.  Gerber's sub-par Bear Grylls line of 'knives' & 'tools' that are on hardware & specialty-store racks like a disease, illustrate this point perfectly.  Anyhow, Light My Fire, of Sweden has always made useful, & often modern & artistic outdoor products that have found a place in my daily backpack or side-bag kit.  Their odd-looking & non-traditional Spork is a prime example.  Light My Fire teamed up recently with the legendary Mora of Sweden, manufacturers of VERY inexpensive fixed blade utility knives that perform like some exorbitantly expensive custom blades.  I've had a Frost's of Sweden Mora style light military fixed blade in my tackle box since I was 15 years old.  The temporary marriage of these 2 outstanding companies has produced a very useful & fairly priced knife, which contains a firesteel in the butt of the knife.  It's available in five different colors as of this writing, & I'll be putting it through its paces & a review is on the horizon.  Moving to a different state hasn't been super-conducive to updating this site, or even the Facebook page frequently.  I'm still settling in & looking for work, but keep an eye open for the review of this ingenious design. 

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