Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New stuff coming soon.

     Apologies to Waysun Johnny Tsai himself & all who have been looking forward to the review of his TOPS collaboration; the CUMA Tak Ri.  It's still coming, along with a video.  I've been in the process of moving out of state & things have been challenging in regard to my free time.  It's also been a tougher-than average review since there are so many great existing reviews for this knife.  The knife has gotten very good remarks from people all over the knife & gun community, it's my hope that with the piece I'm writing, that I can bring my own fresh perspective to the 2nd edition of the CUMA Tak Ri, the one with the full handle scales.  I can say, the knife is both attractive, comfortable & functional, & check back soon for my final edit, & more thoughts on the knife.  Once things solidfy down here & I find work, a weight will be lifted, & I can start my attempt to spend more time here reviewing what I love, & less time simply updating the Facebook page.  Thanks for your patience.

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