Saturday, August 30, 2008

September features/care package for a soldier

Alright, in the coming weeks we'll be posting lots of cool stuff. I'm working on a review piece on a very affordable flashlight, the Streamlight NightCom, which has a 3 mode selector switch and runs rather efficiently on 2 CR123-type lithium batteries. Also my love for SureFire's G2 Nitrolon lights, and an anecdote about my Surefire's role in securing the safety of an octagenarian on a mountain lake at dusk.

Aeric will be doing some good stuff about clothing and outerwear that stays tough when the going gets tougher. I've been using Cold Steel's Roach Belly economy fixed blade and details are coming soon. A full writeup of Benchmade's Blade Show 2006 American Made Knife of the Year, the Blackwood Rukus, is in process.

Gerber's foreign-made Gorge compact shovel aided me in the burial of a small animal that my cat maimed, seriously, and it's a great value, more soon.

Discomfort and I also have a friend who's husband has just been sent to the Middle East, like so many other young men and women. I'd like to get a little tactical care package together for "D". I'd like to show my support for the troops, regarldess of politics. I hope it'll make our friend "M" feel better about her man being gone. I have a couple of good solid folding knives to send his way. I'll find out specifically what the guys in his unit are not getting from Uncle Sam. Maybe stuff like beef jerky, sunscreen, gun oil...we'll find out what kind of stuff the guys want or need. I think anything would be appreciated, even letters, but I've heard that many troops have been short on weapon-cleaning supplies. I'll post more on this as soon as I find out what would help him get through hot and dirty days over there.

Stay Sharp...


aeric_7734 said...

Yes! I am so down with this idea! As much as I loathe the unnecessary current conflict abroad, I have the highest level of respect for the men and women currently activated overseas. All of the US operators out there deserve a kudos, and a care package for even just one is an awesome idea. Lemme know what gets fleshed out for this, I'd definitely like to contribute.

Aaron said...

"D" is actually training to be a vehicle escort gunner in WI, of all places and leaves for Iraq, and the sandbox in about 3 weeks. "M" said that long before I even approached her about this, he was complaining of a cheap folder that had literally worn out very shortly after he arrived for training because of his hard-use. And she said he really enjoys knives, which I didn't know, as I've never actually met the guy, but she said she told him about our idea and that he was very appreciative.

Aaron said...

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