Monday, September 1, 2008

on board with this Motley Crue.

I finally got around to joining this merry band of cutters and shooters. I was afraid that any further delay would find me awakened late one night with a balaclava-shrouded figure hovering over me in bed, ready to haul me off for re-education.

My experiences with tactical gear are quite limited. I am a happy proponent of cheap, tough, sharp knives and having a good flashlight around at all times. When i get the opportunity to camp or hike, i tend to overpack with lots of little details like extra batteries, rolls of string, electrical/duct tape, etc. But really, a good knife or two, flashlight and walking stick, and some emergency shelter (garbage bags) are about all i need besides the food/water bit. It's hard to remember that as i stuff a framepack full of extras; i think it's just a way for me to get the most pre-hike excitement as possible from the moment. Especially since most of the trips i take are far from adventurous ones...

Having spent the Forth of July down at Aaron's parents house in Gig Harbor, on our return to Sea-town i was treated with a side-trip to Fife's amazing Costco-like outdoor gear store, Sportco. I went right for the knives, since i was down to one little Kershaw Onion folder that i use at work everyday. Sportco had some pretty good deals, and i found myself buying two CRKT knives. The M-16 13ZER folder sports safety orange grips which immediately caught my eye. I have previously owned two other M-16s, one lost to the Taylor River and the other to rat bastard SPD officers and i can only hope the lock failed on that fucker and cut deep and clean into the backs of his fingers one day. I digress.

CRKT has a line of Emergency Rescue knives with the aforementioned Zytel grips and general smartness designed in. A midsize folder, it features the Carson designed flipper knob on the back for speedy opening and tang protection as well as a dual-sided thumb stud which i tend to have trouble with. It also features CRKTs new AutoLAWKS safety on the right of the blade. This doubly assures the frame lock won't fail and I'm happy to see it, except it does hinder ones efforts of closing the blade with one hand... I took the combo blade with serrations as i find cutting fabrics/string/rope with them much quicker, and i do a fair amount of that on the job. Good knife, very happy, paid slightly more than half the MSRP. Stoked.

The other knife was CKRTs Bear Claw, a kerambit-type design with a Zytel sheath. I've always been curious about handling a kermabit and CRKTs 4-1/2 incher fits my dainty little hand very well. I haven't had much of an opportunity to use this knife yet, but it's fun to carry. And again, paid about half the MSRP. Sportco rocks.

I also bought a pen type diamond sharpener made by Smith's which comes in handy for all kinds of sharpening, even fishhooks, and Holly's sewing needles! It's a cool design which you can clip into a pocket like a pen. Cost about six bucks i seem to think.

I am in the market for a new flashlight. The Stinger i bought several years ago as a mechanic's light has passed it's zenith. A powerful, if not long-lived beam, tough casing, and handy recharable batteries. It was a good light, but not an ideal camper. I'll look into the Surefire that 1 Fed is so fond of.

Didn't get many chances to get out and camp this season. Between my getting all fucked up in a cycling accident and not having a car, getting out of town proved a little challenging. But Holly and i did get one awesome camp in at the Hoh River a few weeks back. Despite my lame leg, we managed to set up camp right on the riverbed. The Hoh Rainforest was pretty dry and the river emphasized it's midsummer drought with a modest, though beautiful flow.

More details to follow; I got other shit to do with this Labor Day than sit and type all afternoon!


Aaron said...

Awesome and well said! Yeah CRKT's prices cannot be beaten, nor their range of available designs, Aeric will agree. I added some graphics to your post for fun, they just seemed appropriate. Eric and I might get a motel VI room in Issy on weekend pre- my 31st b day and spend 2 days shooting, it'd be cool if you could join.

aeric_7734 said...

Good to have you on board friend... looking forward to more contributions from you. And to piggyback on what Aaron said, you should definitely come out at least a couple of days during his bday weekend, maybe help pitch in for the motel 6 that Friday night. Hit us up!