Friday, September 5, 2008

5 Nickels and two Bootlaces

So here's what the bits mentioned in the title will get you:

This little bastard took me several hours of trial and error to concoct, and while it's uses are exceptionally limited, it's a cool device to have handy. The main knot is a monkey fist, only because of the nickels in the knot, I had to add several more loops to the overall product in order to hide the change from sight. The handle is made with a simple cobra stitch with a basic loop at the end.

It looks deceivingly harmless but it packs a pretty good wallop, as the main knot is pulled as tight as I could get it and five nickels are exceptionally heavy when surround by strands of what are intended to be workboot laces, both tough and durable. I was honestly a bit skeptical as to how the final product would hold up, but color me impressed.

The monkey fist, while traditionally used by ancient sailors, is a pretty formidable knot when packed with something of substance, and the 25 cents stuffed into this little guy are no exception. This is a light and easy to handle impact weapon, and if wielded with enough force will make any attacker think again before pursuing you as their quarry... believe me, it hurts.

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Aaron said...

You got a MONKEY FIST?! YOU MADE A MONKEY FIST?!?! HOLY CRAP! Wilson tactical, Ryan, Bill Wilson's son makes great knives and he sells these for like $6! You could make your own and sell em here...see the Ryan Wilson Tacttical link on our list! NICE ONE MAN!!!!