Monday, September 1, 2008

Lynwood, WA's SOG introduces broom-handle spear!?

Now available at KnifeCenter!

Okay, I haven't played with it yet and can't find it anywhere in 'real world' retail. SOG, like nearly every reputable American based factory knife company has started an inexpensive line of all-foreign made products. The newest news from the SOG Fusion product line is the Fusion Spirit, a hollow-handled, dual-edged fixed blade. Here's the cool can be attached to a round pole or length of wood with a screw, much like the Cold Steel Bushman series, to fashion a spear. Impromptu wild-boar hunters now have an option when they leave their preferred gear at home! Yay! seriously though, this looks like a very cool design and an MSRP of $50 USD even, means that this can probably be found online or at better discount stores for less than $40. Tests will tell if this would be a good option for an under-the-bed emergency survival kit. I'm tempted to think production may have been delayed on this knife, as the SOG site says release was 7/2008, and I've not seen hide nor hair of this wacky new device. If anybody has connections at SOG, let us know, like, if you're pals with Spencer Frazer, drop us a line.

UPDATE: night of 9/1/08: I forgot to mention it in the original post, but this thing is actually designed to fit on a broom handle, that's why I titled the post that way. Evidently it's a thrower too. Here's SOG's website copy:::"The Spirit looks like a futuristic tribal spear taking off from “Area 51”. Sleek and aerodynamic, it hides a secret... Unscrew the handle and use a broom handle* to complete the spear! In a survival situation, use a branch to make the spear shaft and tighten it with a nail or the provided setscrew. With the provided handle the Spirit can be thrown or used as a cutting tool. Do you have the spirit?"

*The Spirit will fit on most common broom handles.

SOG Fusion Spirit


aeric_7734 said...

Very nice... very nice indeed. May look into this, though SOG seems to have become monetarily inflated, this appears to potentially be right in line with budget shoppers like myself. Now if I can just come up with a reason for needing a spear...

Anonymous said...

If you go to the SOG website it shows pictures of the knife as a spear. It actually screws onto the ind of a standard broomstick. It doesnt rely on friction to hold it in place.

Aaron said...

Re: anonymous comment, thanks! I hadn't seen pix of it in action, but I did mention it attaches with a screw. I'm excited to get one of these bad boys and some spare broom handles for WTSHTF.