Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Other knife companies are jumping on Benchmade's Breast Cancer bandwagon

Which is not a bad thing, the more awareness the better. I noticed at knifecenter.com, Buck, Spyderco and Victorinox have all released BC awareness items with partial proceeds going to good organizations. In this case, imitation is not a bad thing, as Spyderco's Native is one of the best factory made folders I've ever owned and used and is reasonably priced for a US made knife. It's a shame though that these great companies don't have the PR-Balls to do similar charitable things for say, prostate cancer and AIDs. Knifecenter's items are here

But then again, what color would they use for prostate cancer, and it's an ugly internal organ, not a beautiful pair of externally visible mounds of goodness. Those who know me know I'm not a chauvanist or misogynist, but as I've said, who doesn't love breasts?!

And a red AIDS knife would be a great cause, but in knife and gun circles, RED indicates non-functional training knives, and AIDS is saddled with an unfortunate societal stigma of being a disease that only drug junkies and homosexuals are capable of getting.....so yeah, maybe it is good to stick with the breast cancer thing.

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Aaron said...

found myself ass-uming what color might be used if there were a ribbon for colon cancer...