Monday, October 13, 2008

Superknife SuperDeal razor-folder goodness x3 for under $10 bux

My work takes me into many interesting shops and retail environments. One of my favorite places to work is Del's Farm&Feed in Port Orchard, Washington on the Corner of Mitchel Rd. SE and Lincoln. Del's is a small chain that was acquired by Tractor Supply a year or two ago. Their bread and butter is hay, straw, layer pellets and chicken wire etc. I'm usually there because they stock many products for pets that my employer makes.
They stock seasonal items like portable heaters, and a small but competent selection of tools like shovels and hoes along with a corner of the store dedicated to large animal [horses] medicine.

I noticed they sold SuperKnife products a few weeks ago. Superknives are the original "pocket clip folder" style knives that use contractor grade razor blades. They are made in China for Gerber, and distributed by Gerber Legendary Blades in Portland, a Fiskars company. The Superknife contact address is the same address of Gerber's well-known factory in the Portland area. I would guess Gerber just wanted to diversify and acquired the Superknife brand, as the old press release below shows the company having roots elsewhere. There are a TON of imitators since Superknife became a common sight in stores, but these seem to be better than other junk brands, even though these too, like everything else in 2008, are made by our secretive Red friends.
Anyway...these little utility knives retail in the neighborhood of 10 bucks each. I got 3! for $9.75 USD including WA tax. Del's regular price was $8.95 but I got them at $2.99 each! A cool female store manager said they just didn't sell. I suspect it's because they didn't have the display on their front counter. The Superknives were hidden in a middle aisle across from pest control supplies.

I always carry high-end factory made folders like Benchmade, Emerson and Cold Steel. There are times when I have a nasty cutting job and I just don't want to dull out my EDC blade. I mean all the knives I carry are fit for the Apocalypse, but I like to keep some nicer ones sharp and pretty and ready for a true emergency or the unlikely event of defending myself from physical attack. I know it sounds goofy to carry around a tough $150+ knife and use it sparingly. I think some of my knife-nut brethren might agree though, that it's good to have a "thrasher" blade around for dirtier utility jobs.
The Superknives are just a good and tacky rubberized handle with a pocket clip that accept standard and contractor grade razor/utility blades. I like the fact that when one edge is burnt out, you just flip the blade over, and replacements are filthy cheap everywhere from Home Depot to your local drugstore. I do trust Gerber,as the "parent company". Gerber has made some mistakes but overall, from my experience in retail cutlery, they are a good American owned company that responds efficiently to customer requests or complaints. The realization that Superknives are basically Gerber's "beater knife" series gives me some confidence and even more joy at obtaining 3 of the little things for under $10 USD.

I can say too, as an EDC knife, these wouldn't be bad...they look like a tool, not a tactical weapon, but we all know how nasty a sharp razor blade can cut. The rubberized handle has a good and tacky feel, like Kraton rubber on higher end folders. The pocket clip is chromed stainless and makes the knife ride pretty high in the pocket, but it is a secure clip. In a life or death defensive situation I'd rather hit and cut my assailant with a Superknife, than miss them with my $200+ tactical ArmChair warrior folding death machine. Another plus might be that when using a Superknife in public around "Sheeple", you're not bound to get those "Oh My God, A Knife!" wide eyed looks, like you get when you snap out a 5 inch bladed cold steel full serrated monster. There is a thumbstud, suited for right-hand users, and the "blade" can be deployed pretty quick. I think if you own and use knives you should take the time to learn how to sharpen with a variety of tools, but there are many who are intimidated by knife sharpening. The superknife is the perfect EDC for those folks. Blade dull? flip it over. Other Side dull? insert new .10c razor blade and you're good to go. Hell, you can even pop in one of those nasty hooked contractor blades if you want to cut carpet or tile!
Last count, Del's in Port Orchard had about a dozen of these left. I think maybe I'll buy out the rest and give them as gifts this holiday season along with Toque snuff 1 gram mini bullets. Or maybe I'll just stockpile them. Or maybe I'll just see if they drop the price even more!

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