Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spoiled by Santa, a Sharp, Bright and Tactical Christmas


Wow. My parents rule for too many reasons to list here. Let's just say they know me better perhaps than anyone else, with the exception of select longtime friends and 1 woman who I spent nearly a decade of my life with. I got them some pretty bangin' Xmas gifts...Dad got a Cold Steel wickedly serrated bread knife, a Tactical Tailor utility pouch for his Surefire G2 and a bunch of other small but useful things like trout lures. I gave Ma a Mundial scissor set, a Fisher Space Pen and other useful items like hiking socks and a keychain knife.

Ma surprised both Dad and myself this morning with Gerber's Ripstop multi tool. I have been fairly impressed with Gerber's recent Asian made products like the Profile series and the Artifact tool, and one can NEVER have too many multi tools. I'll do an in-depth review of the Ripstop tool soon, but for now, here's a peek at the tool that retails for nearly $60.00 USD, but can be found online or at stores like Target for under $30.00.

My folks encouraged me to make a bit of a Christmas list this year, as they implied I'd get a card with money if I didn't give them some ideas. Hell! that'd be fine by me, but they like the whole ritual of unwrapping things, and we all like the fact that I'm not in the hospital this Christmas, as I was last year in 2007, with bloodclots in my lungs, a hospital-given blood infection and excruciating chest pain.

Anyhow, I randomly sent Ma some knifecenter links of knives I'd like to own, but maybe wouldn't buy for myself. So, the Lonewolf Harsey T1 with rosewood scales and a blade of CPMS30V was almost enough of a shock to put me back in the hospital this Christmas!

I'm really stoked on this little folder, the blade is just over 3 inches and the design is "tactical", yet classy. It's no wonder the look and feel of this knife reminds me a bit of the old Gerber US made knives like the Applegate folder. Lonewolf was created by former Gerber employees from what I understand. Al Mar was also a Gerber employee before starting his own company, as was Pete Kershaw. Interesting.

Anyway, I just had to share my joy. I hope everyone is warm and safe and doing well. Merry Christmas. Christian or not, this is a good time to celebrate the fact that you are alive, and to appreciate what you've got. No matter how bad things are, there's always a hell of a lot of folks worldwide who have it way worse than we do.

take care, and stay sharp...

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This One Girl I know... said...

Wow, That is an awesome knife. I can't wait to feel it next time we hang. Next time we hang I'll have my Carbon Fiber Rift so we can nerd out and talk knife.
Love you Aaron Merry Christmas and I am so thankful to have a warm home, friends and family that love me. Despite the lack of income in the Holley house hold right now LIFE IS GOOD.
Love Man